Best Four Man Scramble Score (-13)

Graham Moore, Mitch Evanecz, Connor Johnston and Chayse Marion (2015)

Steve Becker, Dustin Moore, Darren Lund and Ted Emmett (2017)

Mike Dempster, Kyle Pess, Connor Johnston and Jeremy Trentham (2018)


Best Two Man Scramble Net Score (-16)

Cesco Vizza & Chayse Marion (2016)

Best Final Round Net Score (-11)

Elliott Marion (2018)

Best Final Round Gross Score (+2)

Mitchell Evanecz (2017)

Horserace Winners

Darren Lund and Dylan Winnicky (2014)

Dustin Moore and Rob Turville (2016)

Kevin Walsh and Ian Dickson (2017)

Mike Dempster and Darren Eklund (2018)

Brad Martin and Ben Stang (2019)

Darren Lund and Ian Dickson (2020)

Best Tournament Score (-27)

Darren Lund (2018)

Worst Tournament Score (+18)

Ryan Ekdahl (2017)