2019 Results

Sylvan Lake, AB - Lakewood Golf and Country Club

1. Kristin Mauro 

2. Dana Keith 

3. Sidney Ponto 

T4. Kim Walsh 

T4. Danielle Watt

6. Melissa Campbell

T7. Laura Moore 

T7. Kelsie Ekdahl 

T9. Lisa Batchelor 

T9. Tina Mcinenly 

11. Wendy Lynch 

12. Jenny Munson 

13. Tracey Eklund 

14. Deb Raab 

15. Brenda Farwell 

T16, Carla Lawrence 

T16. Katie Allen 

18. Cara Horsley 

19. Sarah Quick 

20. Kathleen Adair 

2018 Results

Red Deer, AB - Mini Links & Riverbend

T1. Lisa Batchelor *Won on first playoff hole*

T1. Kristin Mauro 

3. Ashley Moore 

4. Lauren Gorensen

T5. Dana Keith

T5. Tracey Eklund

T5. Kim Walsh

T8. Sidney Ponto

T8. Kelsie Ekdahl

T8. Kelsey Moore

11. Laura Moore

12. Baylee Henderson

13. Tina Mcinenly

14. Rayna Becker

15. Katie Allen

16. Jenny Munson

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