Kelsie Ekdahl, Red Deer

Best Chubbettes Finish: 4th

Job: Banker


Nickname: Danny T


Drink of choice: Vodka Paralyzer


Describe your life using a movie or TV show title: Friends "The One with the stain"


Explain the strangest talent you have: Don’t really have a strange talent.. but I’d have to say completing the Cha Cha Slide with no mistakes has always been a great talent of mine. Or get me in a pair of bowling shoes and you will see true talent come to life. 


Typical bedtime on a Friday night. Explain..? On a Friday night I’ll always be the life of the party long as it ends by 9:30pm. And if you see me out past 11pm, watch out!! But first, you have to convince me to go out to the party. But I have to admit, an ideal Friday night bedtime 8:30pm.