Carla Lawrence, Red Deer

Best Chubbettes Finish: T16th

Job: Ladyboss auditor of non profit standards and policy


Nickname: Carl, Cars, Hot Carl, Coleslaw, C- Unit 


Drink of choice: Gin


Describe your life using a movie or TV show title: Train Wreck


Explain the strangest talent you have: If you stand in front of a mirror and say "Coleslaw" 3x in a row I will show up at your door with a 10 piece chicken McNugget meal. Only sometimes I don't show up at your door and I just eat Chicken McNuggets while I send you positive vibes. 


Typical bedtime on a Friday night. Explain.. I step into a hole of space and time where I live my life as an 80 yr old woman who completes puzzles while cross stitching while watching Ru Paul's drag race while drinking wine out of a box.